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From Our Founder

For over 40 years I have had a love for innovation, creativity, and flexibility in the thinking process. From my early start in Belgium, my interest led me to accept a career opportunity within the baking industry. Starting in 1980, while working with one of the leading international food manufacturers, I was fortunate to rise from the ranks of sales to overseeing operations in both North and Central America. Through this journey, I discovered a truth that would guide my professional journey and reshape my future aspirations. Success in life is measured by the quality of what you produce but anchored by the excellence needed in serving others.

In April 2007, I placed this truth to the test by beginning a new chapter in my life. The founding of BreadPartners. My motivation, experience, and past success fueled my desire to start a company that would deliver on that promise by performing the following:

Providing Quality Solutions
Our goal is not to sell but to provide solutions for bakers. We do this by manufacturing unique blends of quality ingredients that are consistent, reliable, and affordable.

Success For One Another
Building trust and integrity through our business conduct, competencies, and contributions to ensure the well-being of our partners and employees.

Investment in Awareness
Discovering and sharing the most modern and best-tested solutions and applications to meet today’s and future bakery challenges.

Denis | CEO | BreadPartners

As CEO, I am committed to ensuring these promises are realized by delivering the best experience by each member of the BreadPartners, Inc. family. Together, we produce products that meet and exceed the standards of excellence that we demand and you expect.

-Denis Wellington, President and CEO

Our Commitment & Mission

At BreadPartners, the customer is our partner. Bakeries of all sizes, from retail to wholesale, in-store and industrial, no matter the size of your bakery, you are our valued partner. We take pride in developing creative solutions for our customers’ needs. We run our business with the founding principal that if the customer succeeds, our partnership will succeed.

Our Facilities

BreadPartners is located in Cinnaminson, New Jersey in a 50,000 square foot SQF certified facility, which contains offices, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces. As a modern manufacturing facility, it enables us to achieve our goal of maximizing efficiency while supporting our efforts to produce a wide range of functional bakery products.

We have production lines that manufacture both powder and paste products. Additionally, we also manufacture wet goods, such as glazes, pan release agents, hydrated grains, etc.

Baking Center
Meeting customer needs and expectations are the focus for all product development. Our Baking Center includes smaller scale horizontal and spiral mixers like those found in many of today’s large baking companies. Additionally, the top of the line Koma blast freezer, used for frozen dough applications, aids our product development. Our other equipment includes: rack ovens, deck ovens, proofers, retarders, dough sheeter, bagel line, Kaiser Roll line, kettles, tortilla press, glazing machine — all this equipment is needed to mimic the baking process of our customers.

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