Superior Brioche

30% Paste Base to make sweet and buttery Brioche, Babka, Challah, and Danish

BreadPartners’ Superior Brioche  – our newest addition to our Superior Range of paste bases – makes exceptional Brioche, Babka, Challah, Danish, and other sweet doughs.

  •  Produces tasty, tender Brioche, Babka, Challah, or Danish with a rich golden color and great buttery flavor.
  • Perfect for buns, loafs, or laminated doughs
  • Paste format eliminates need to scale additional shortening or butter
  • Whole eggs can be replaced with Soleil, a BreadPartners complete egg replacer

Product Advantages:

  • Ease of Use – Consolidates ingredients and reduces scaling errors
  • Flexible – Perfect for many types of enriched sweet doughs
  • Consistent – Reliable product performance

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