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Making baked goods delicious with technology

BreadPartners introduces our newest family of products and growing range of Cake Technologies.  These special products include clean label and conventional cake bases, glazes, fudge bases, custards, and icing stabilizers. BreadPartners offers a full line of cake technology and ingredient solutions to help you create the delicious and tempting treat your customer is expecting!

Cake Technology Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
Pie BaseBP Pie Dough Base301458% pie dough base for flakey pie crusts, shells, and fried pies. 40 lb. box
CustardBP Creamy Instant Custard50027Complete instant custard mix for cold processed preperation. Contains dairy50 lb. bag
MixChocolate Brownie Mix50073A complete mix for making delicious, fudgy, chocolate brownies. Just add water.50 lb. bag
FudgeAztec Fudge70021PHO-free, smooth paste that blends easily with sugar and water to make rich chocolate fudges and icings46 lb. pail
Cake BaseRegal Crème Cake50036Delicious crème cake base which provides greater volume and supports fruit inclusions. Add oil, water, and eggs50 lb. bag
Cake BaseChocolate Creme Cake Base40216Rich and tender, dairy-free, chocolate creme cake base. Add oil, water, and eggs50 lb. bag

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