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As consumers demand more ingredient transparency and cleaner labels, BreadPartners continues to develop and enhance our Clean Label product range.

Our Clean Label product range of dough improvers, bread and cake bases, flavors, grains, and shelf life extenders do not include any of the following:

  • Partially hydrogenated oils
  • Trans Fats
  • Preservatives
  • Animal Sourced L-Cysteine
  • Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Potassium Bromate & Iodate or ADA

As a leading manufacturer of clean label applications, we design products made with ingredients that can be easily recognized and understood. Our Clean Label Products are designed to work in conjunction with modern equipment and manufacturing processes, without sacrificing machinability. These technologies provide the same functional attributes as conventional ingredients. This is the BreadPartners clean way.

When it’s time to move to a cleaner label, we are your trusted partners.

Clean Label Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
Organic CompliantOrganico DC 1304231% organic compliant, clean label improver for retarded and fresh-baked bread and rolls25 lb. bag
Organic CompliantOrganico T-5020065.25% - 1% organic compliant, enzymatic, shelf life extender for maximum softness for all types of yeast-raised breads25 lb. bag
Organic CompliantOrganico Titan20066.5% - 1% organic compliant, all-natural mold inhibitor for breads, rolls, and bagels25 lb. bag
ImproverNaturell300061% Non-GMO improver for fresh and frozen bread and dough50 lb. bag
ImproverNaturell Plus200241%-2% Non-GMO improver with increased extensibility and machinability50 lb. bag
ImproverNaturell Forte DB 100304181% Non-GMO improver specifically formulated for frozen par-baked breads and rolls50 lb. bag
ImproverBP Premiere 2000200352% Non-GMO improver for volume and strength. Works great in retail setting as well as industrial50 lb. bag
Dough RelaxerXTS 10020067.25% - .5%, Non-GMO, Vegan, l-cysteine replacer specially designed to give extensibility and machinability to pita, flatbreads, pizza, and tortillas.25 lb. bag
Dough RelaxerXTS 20020068.25% - .5% Non-GMO, Vegan l-cysteine replacer specially designed to give extensibility without compromising volume in breads, rolls, and bagels.25 lb. bag
Dough RelaxerCL Maxi-Stretch200250.25%-0.5% Non-GMO, vegan relaxer for extra extensibility and machinability 50 lb. bag
Bread BaseTastee Rye Bread Base4010510% Non-GMO base for great tasting, robust rye breads40 lb. box
Bread BaseSummer Sunflower Bread Base4006637% base to make healthy Sunflower breads and rolls55 lb. bag
Bread BaseOriginal Durum200234% base that imparts a subtle naturally fermented flavor and open artisan crumb45 lb. bag
Bread BaseBP 50/50 Artisan Bread Base40167Convenient 50/50 base to make authentic artisan breads and rolls50 lb. bag
Bread BaseBP Clean Label Sour Do Base4010210% base to make San Francisco sour dough bread with a clean, smooth sour50 lb. bag
Bread BaseFavoloso Filone40055A 10% base to make rustic ciabatta breads and rolls with an open crumb structure50 lb. bag
Bread BaseSuperior CL Serene #15 Soft Roll Base60101Easy to use paste base to make sweet dough and Danish50 lb. box
Shelf-Life ExtenderSL-EX #3 200031%-3% emulsifier based shelf-life extender for a moist crumb, yet crispy crust50 lb. bag
Shelf-Life ExtenderXtra Soft200101%-3% emulsifier and gum based shelf-life extender for maximum softness. Great for buns and soft breads50 lb. bag
Shelf-Life ExtenderSof-Pan200130.5%-1% Non-GMO enzyme based shelf-life extender for maximum softness50 lb. bag
Shelf-Life ExtenderSuperSoft200020.1%-0.4% Non-GMO, enzyme based crumb softener50 lb. bag
Shelf-Life ExtenderCLS 900200530.5-1% Non-GMO, powdered elmusifer and enzyme blend for exceptional prolonged softness; Non-hydrated replacement for Glycerol Monostearate (GMS)50 lb. bag
Shelf-Life ExtenderTender 25020060.25% - 1%, Non-GMO, enzyme based crumb softener25 lb. bag
Mold InhibitorTitan200280.5%-1% Non-GMO, all natural mold inhibitor for all types of yeast-raised doughs50 lb. bag

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