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Reddi-Soaked Grain Technology

Our Reddi-Soaked Grains are a cooked mixture of grains and seeds that improves the appearance, flavor, and softness of all grain breads.  Used alone, or paired with other BreadPartners bases, our Reddi-Soaked Grain line can be used up to 50% on flour weight to create visually appealing and delicious variety grain breads.

  • Hydrated
  • Non-GMO
  • Clean Label
  • Whole Grain
  • Preservative Free

Moisture absorbed through the cooking process leaves our Reddi-Soaked Grains soft and tender.  This further enhances the crumb softness and extends the shelf life of your finished baked bread. And to its preservative-free characteristic, taste is totally clean on the palate of the mouth.

Dry Grain Technology

BreadPartners has an assortment of tasty, hearty, and healthy dry grain varieties to choose from.  We offer a range of powdered mixes, bases, and blends of grains and seeds.  Try one of our unique combinations today!

Grain Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
ImproverAll Wheat #4300404%-10% improver for all types of whole wheat and multi-grain breads providing maximum strength 50 lb. bag
Hydrated Reddi-Soaked Grains 7000510%-50% hydrated blend of Non-GMO whole grains & seeds. Can be used in conjunction with any recipe35 lb. pail
Hydrated Reddi-Soaked Multigrain 7002210%-50% hydrated blend of Non-GMO whole grains & seeds. Can be used in conjunction with any recipe – no sugar added35 lb. pail
DryBP Total Grain Bread Mix40159Complete mix for making variety grain bread50 lb. bag
DryChoice Cracked Wheat Base4007267% base for making delicious, hearty cracked wheat breads and rolls50 lb. bag
DryBP Grain Topper40224Grain and seed blend for topical bread applications. Includes oats, sunflower and flax seeds, and millet50 lb. bag
DryBP Variety Grains4004810%-30% blend of 7 grains and seeds for wholesome multi-grain bread50 lb. bag
DryTop Taste 8 Seeds & Grains 4017620%-50% blend of 8 different seeds and grains50 lb. bag

Product Highlights

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