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Increased Extensibility and Machinability

Why use a bread improver? Well, the answer is in the name, to improve dough handling and achieve a consistent outcome. A bread improver, or also known as a dough conditioner, gives consistency in an inconsistent environment.

Bread improvers provide a multitude of advantages starting during the mixing process and all the way through the baked end result. Benefits of using a bread improver range from machinability, extensibility, reduced mixing time, increased water absorption, volume, tolerance, and strength. We offer both conventional and clean label varieties.

However complex or demanding your need, rest assured BreadPartners has the experience and know-how to offer you a solution!

Improvers Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
Clean LabelNaturell300061% Non-GMO, clean label improver for fresh and frozen bread and dough50 lb. bag
Clean LabelNaturell Plus200241%-2% Non-GMO, clean label improver with increased extensibility and machinability50 lb. bag
Clean LabelNaturell Forte DB 100304181% Non-GMO, clean label improver specifically formulated for frozen par-baked bread and rolls50 lb. bag
Clean LabelBP Premiere 2000200352% Non-GMO, clean label improver for volume and strength. Works great in retail setting as well as industrial50 lb. bag
CL - Dough RelaxerCL Maxi-Stretch200250.25%-0.5% Non-GMO, vegan, clean label relaxer for extra extensibility and machinability 50 lb. bag
Dough RelaxerMaxi-Stretch300750.25%-0.5% relaxer for extra machinability and extensibility 50 lb. bag
Bromate-FreeArtasia300051% improver for long term frozen dough (3-6 months +/-)50 lb. bag
Bromate-FreeBP 44 (Dairy)300831%-2% whey-based dough conditioner that gives exceptional flavor and elasticity to pizza, flat breads, and bread sticks50 lb. bag
Bromate-FreeTempest300822% all purpose improver for all types of bread and rolls requiring maximum strength, tolerance, and volume50 lb. bag
Bromate-FreeLightning300082% improver for all types of yeast raised doughs requiring a crispier crust. Great for making crusty bolillos50 lb. bag
BromatedBP 1200211% bromated improver for superior strength, volume, and tolerance50 lb. bag
BromatedKwick Sponge (Dairy)300162%-4% bromated, whey based conditioner offering flavor, extensibility, and volume50 lb. bag
BromatedPronto Pan300442%-4% bromated, dairy-free conditioner offering flavor, extensibility, and volume50 lb. bag
BromatedTridant B300151%-2% strong conditioner for fresh or frozen dough providing excellent tolerance, strength, and volume50 lb. bag

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