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Specially Formulated Bases for Consistent Soft Breads & Buns

Making soft breads, Pullman loaves, hamburger and hotdog buns, dinner rolls, and sweet dough has never been easier than using one of our  powder or paste bases!

We have a variety of bases for you to choose from, each designed and formulated for ease of use to eliminate scaling errors and provide a consistent outcome.  Try one today!

Soft Bread, Hamburger Buns, & Dinner Rolls Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
Shelf-Life ExtenderXtra Soft200101%-3% emulsifier and gum based shelf-life extender for maximum softness. Great for buns and soft breads50 lb. bag
Shelf-Life ExtenderViva Fresco Prime CLS 900200530.5%-1% Non-GMO, clean label, powdered emulsifier and enzyme blend for exceptional prolonged softness; non-hydrated replacement for Glycerol Monostearate (GMS) 50 lb. bag
Soft BreadSuperior Soft Sub Roll Base600169% bromated paste base for making subs and Kaiser rolls with a softer crumb and crust with extra shelf life 50 lb. box
Soft BreadSuperior #14 White Bread 6001214% paste base to make soft and tender white bread and Pullman loaves50 lb. box
Bun BaseBP Silky Soft Hamburger Base4008615% base for making high quality hamburger and hotdog buns with increased crumb resiliency 50 lb. bag
Bun BaseBP Eggless Silky Soft Hamburger Base4014615% eggless base for making high quality hamburger and hotdog buns.50 lb. bag
Soft BreadSuperior #20 Dinner Roll Base6003020% paste base to make great tasting and tender dinner rolls with a silky soft crumb 50 lb. box
Bun BaseSuperior #20 Bun Base6001820% paste base to produce great tasting and tender buns with a silky soft and an egg shade colored crumb50 lb. box
Potato BaseSupreme Potato Roll Base4010820% base for delicious tasting potato rolls50 lb. bag
Potato BaseSuperior Rich Potato Base #256009025% paste base to make flavorful potato buns50 lb. box
Sweet DoughBP Ultimate Danish Base50060Convenient 50/50 base for making tasty sweet dough, Danish and buns50 lb. bag
Sweet DoughSuperior CL Zarina #15 Roll Base6011115% clean label paste to make sweet dough and Danish50 lb. box
Sweet DoughSuperior #28 Sweet Dough Base6008628% paste base for making fresh baked and frozen dough Danish and sweet doughs50 lb. box
Sweet DoughSuperior Brioche6005630% Non-Dairy, paste base to make buttery brioche, babka, challah, or other sweet dough. Contains Eggs. 50 lb. box

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