Replacers & Pan Release Agents

A full range of Specialty products

BreadPartners offers a range of specialty products for miscellaneous applications.  If you are looking to remove egg or whey allergens from your bakery, reduce fermentation blisters caused from extended fermentation or are in need of pan release agents, we have a solution!

Specialty Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
ImproverPrevent200180.5% vegetable based, PHO-free monodiglyceride that drastically reduces the appearance of fermentation blisters (24 hour retard time plus)40 lb. bag
ColoringRadiant Spice Blend30143Blend of spices to give an attractive yellow color to yeast-raised products50 lb. box
Egg ReplacerSoleil 30121Complete, vegan egg-free egg replacer for yeast-raised products and used as an egg reducer for cakes, muffins, cookies and brownies50 lb. bag
Egg ReplacerSoleil Plus30424Complete, vegan egg-free egg replacer for yeast-raised products. With added butter flavor. Perfect for vegan brioche and other enriched doughs.50 lb. bag
Egg ReplacerBP Egg30153Cost effective egg replacer in breads, muffins, donuts, cakes, and other baked goods50 lb. bag
Pan-ReleaseBP Brushable Pan Release70006PHO-free vegetable pan grease to be applied in the thinnest possible film ensuring a dependable release of baked goods from pans40 lb. pail
Pan-ReleaseBP Spray-Pan70007Vegetable pan grease designed for use with machine nozzles. Apply minimal quantities for dependable release of goods from pans37 lb. pail

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