Tastalito Flavor Range

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Add a burst of flavor to your baked goods!

Our Tastalito Flavor Range is made with only the purest, all natural, Non-GMO ingredients. These flavor blends consist of seasonings, herbs, natural flavors, sours, and dried ferments. Tastalito Flavor Range provides a clean label and fast solution to infuse a burst of flavor to any recipe.

Kick up the taste!

  • Simply add any Tastalito Flavor with your dry ingredients to create new an exciting baked goods
  • Or use as a topping mixed with oil and applied on top of breads prior to baking

Try adding any one of these exciting flavors to tortillas, bagels, breads, rolls, pizza dough, bread sticks, etc.  Contact us for a free sample!

Tastalito Flavor Range Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
SoursRyelito401413%-5% versatile flavor for enhancing rye breads45 lb. box
SoursSuralito300411%-2% clean label acid blend of fumaric, acetic and lactic acids to make flavorful and tangy San Francisco style sourdough breads25 lb. bag
SoursToscalito300422%-5% natural dried ry sour to impart a subtle sour note25 lb. bag
Herbs and SpicesPestolito401623%-10% blend of herbs and spices which provides a unique pesto flavor for breads, bagels, rolls, pizza dough, tortillas, etc.25 lb. bag
Herbs and SpicesSalsalito401633%-10% blend of spices and herbs to create a unique spicy jalapeno and salsa flavor for breads, bagels, rolls, tortillas, etc.25 lb. bag

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