BP Clean Label Sour Dough – Rustic Rye Sourdough

BP Clean Label Sour Dough Bread Base – Item #40102 – Pack Size 50 lb. bag

White Flour70%
Rye Flour30%
BP Clean Label Sour Dough Bread Base10%
Fresh Yeast5%


Clean Label, Non-GMO; Tangy sourdough with robust flavor of rye with rustic crust and crumb color.

  1. Mix on 1st speed until all ingredients are incorporated
  2. Mix on 2nd speed until full gluten development
  3. Ferment dough 15 minutes
  4. Divide and reshape as desired
  5. Bench rest 15 minutes
  6. Final shape as desired
  7. Final proof for 45-60 minutes
  8. Score and bake at 420°F until internal temperature reaches 205°F and a crisp crust has formed

*For a more acidic flavor retard dough overnight

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