Original Durum – Ancient Grain Sourdough

Original Durum – Item #20023 – Pack Size 45 lb. Bag

BP Variety Ancient Grains – Item #40233 – Pack Size 50 lb. Bag

BP Grain Topper – Item #40224 – Pack Size 50 lb. Bag

Clean Label and Non-GMO, this hearty artisan multigrain is made with ancient grains and finished with robust grain topping.

High Gluten Flour100%
Original Durum4%
BP Ancient Variety Grains30%
Fresh Yeast2%


  1. Mix 4 minutes Low; 6 minutes High
  2. Dough Temp 75˚F
  3. Divide dough immediately
  4. Scale and Round
  5. Intermediate Proof 5-15 Min
  6. Mould into desired shape
  7. Roll loaves with BP Grain Topper
  8. Proof 60 minutes
  9. Bake at 420°F with steam 25 minutes

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