Superior Kaiser XL – Poppy Kaiser Rolls

Poppy Seed Kaiser Roll

Superior Kaiser XL – Item #60037 – 50 lb. box

IngredientBakers %
High Gluten Flour100%
Superior Kaiser XL7%
Water± 53%
Fresh Yeast± 1-2%
Total± 161%.


Crispy New York-style Kaiser rolls topped with poppy seeds for added texture

  1. Mix on Low speed for 2 minutes
  2. Continue mixing on High Speed for 8 – 10 minutes or until dough is fully developed. DDT 78°F – 80°F
  3. Round and divide; Recommended scale weight 3.5 oz.
  4. Rest dough balls for 10 – 15 minutes in intermediate proofer
  5. Dust dough balls with flour blend 2:1 ratio white rye and cornmeal. Flatten dough balls and stamp seam side down. Stamp should pierce through bottom of dough
  6. Top with poppy seeds and place dough stamp side down on cornmeal dusted proofing boards
  7. Proof for 60 – 90 minutes at 100°F 85% RH
  8. Retard dough for 4 – 12 hours at 40°F
  9. Allow dough 15 minutes to acclimate to ambient temperature
  10. Flip and bake in a deck or tunnel oven with heavy steam 400°F for 15 – 18 minutes

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