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Artisan and Bagels

More so today than ever, consumers are driving the growing demand for unique and rustic artisan breads, rolls, and bagels.  BreadPartners has many options to choose from to help you create a variety of authentic artisan creations!  Try one today!

Artisan and Bagels Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
TastalitoToscalito300422%-5% natural dried wheat sour to impart a subtle sour note25 lb. bag
Bread BaseBP 50/50 Artisan Bread Base40167Convenient 50/50 base to make authentic artisan breads and rolls50 lb. bag
Bread BasePane Toscano200234% base that imparts a subtle naturally fermented flavor and open artisan crumb45 lb. bag
Bread BaseFavoloso Filone4005510% clean label base for ciabatta with open crumb structure50 lb. bag
Bread BaseCiabatta Bread Base 104101410% easy to use base for making famous Italian Ciabatta bread50 lb. bag
Bagel BaseBrooklyn Bagel Base400025% base for nice chewy authentic NY style bagels50 lb. bag
Bagel BaseBagel Most400585% base for making high-quality, consistent bagels in a retail or industrial setting50 lb. bag
Bagel BaseBagel Soft401995% base for high quality bagels with a softer texture45 lb. bag
Bagel BaseBP Tri-State Bagel4017110% base for making delicious New York style bagels50 lb. bag

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