Superior Paste Product Range

Our unique Paste Product range, offers a Superior alternative to running a scratch formula, which involves scaling a minimum of 5-7 ingredients.  You can leave the scaling to us, and we will leave you to make your signature and delicious baked goods!

  • Unique combination of PHO-Free shortening, along with modern enzyme ingredient technology, allows bakers to take advantage of the smooth incorporation of ingredients Superior Paste Products deliver
  • The Superior Range provides a better lubrication of the gluten strands that creates a silky, fully develop dough, ready to face the most strenuous line or demands of retail benchwork

Aside from the ease of use a base provides, other advantages include:

  • Less Mess- With our PHO-Free shortening included, you no longer have to add separate oil or shortening
  • Fewer Scaling Errors – Just add flour, water, and yeast at the bowl
  • Greater Consistency

BreadPartners’ Superior Paste Products provide consistency and supreme performance in every box!  Don’t just take our word, try it for yourself today.

Product NameItem #DescriptionUsage RatePack Size
Superior Stretch-It Base60041Base that provides excellent extensibility for making pizza dough, tortillas, and pitas4%50 lb. box
Superior #5 Base60006Bromated base to make crispy Italian and French breads5%50 lb. box
Superior #7 Base60005Bromated base to make high quality kaiser rolls7%50 lb. box
Superior #9 Base60004Bromated base to make rich sub rolls9%50 lb. box
Superior Soft Sub Roll Base60016Bromated paste base for making subs and Kaiser rolls with a softer crumb and crust with extra shelf life9%50 lb. box
Superior #14 White Bread60012Paste base to make soft and tender white bread and Pullman loaves14%50 lb. box
Superior CL Zarina #15 Roll Base60111Clean label paste to make sweet dough and Danish15%50 lb. box
Superior #20 Dinner Roll Base60030Paste base to make great tasting and tender dinner rolls with a silky soft crumb20%50 lb. box
Superior #20 Bun Base60018Paste base to produce great tasting and tender buns with a silky soft and an egg shade colored crumb20%50 lb. box
Superior Rich Potato Base #2560090Paste base to make flavorful potato buns25%50 lb. box
Superior #28 Sweet Dough Base60086Paste base for making fresh baked and frozen dough Danish and sweet doughs28%50 lb. box
Superior Brioche60056Non-Dairy, paste base to make buttery brioche, babka, challah, or other sweet dough. Contains Eggs. 30%50 lb. box
Superior Delicioso Bizcocho60052Base for concha, bizcocho, sweet dough, and Danish with a rich buttery flavor37%37 lb. box

Superior Paste Product Range

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