Italian, Crusty, and Kaiser Rolls

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BreadPartners has dough conditioners and bread bases specially formulated to give machinability, strength, and tolerance to perform on both traditional and modern bakery equipment.  Additionally we also have bases to make crispy, crusty Italian and French bread and rolls.

Whether you desire a hard and crusty roll or a softer, more pliable crust, BreadPartners has the solutions to provide a beautiful outcome!  Try one today!

Italian, Crusty, and Kaiser Rolls Selection

CategoryProduct NameItem #DescriptionPack Size
ImproverLightning300082% improver for all types of yeast raised doughs requiring a crispier crust. Great for making crusty bolillos50 lb. bag
ImproverTempest300822% all purpose improver for all types of bread and rolls requiring maximum strength, tolerance, and volume50 lb. bag
Powder BaseLongdo400165% bromated base for production of sub rolls and French style breads where extra extensibility is required50 lb. bag
Paste BaseSuperior #5 Base600065% bromated base to make crispy Italian and French breads50 lb. box
Powder BaseRimini (Dairy)400836% bromated bread and roll base with excellent strength and flavor 50 lb. box
Paste BaseSuperior #7 Base600057% bromated base to make high quality kaiser rolls50 lb. box
Paste BaseSuperior #9 Base600049% bromated base to make rich sub rolls 50 lb. box

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