Pane Toscano - Sourdough Grissini

Pane Toscano – Item #20023 – Pack Size 45 lb. bag

White Flour100%
Pane Toscano4%
Dry Yeast.7%
Olive Oil9%


Clean Label, Non-GMO; Crispy Italian breadsticks with the unique flavor of earthy rye sourdough

  1. Mix on 1st speed until all ingredients are incorporated.
  2. Mix on 2nd speed until full gluten development. Desired dough temperature is 75°F
  3. Allow dough to ferment for 15 minutes.
  4. Sheet / roll out dough to 1/8”
  5. Cut in to 1/4” strips and place on parchment lined sheet pans.
  6. Proof 45-60 minutes
  7. Bake without steam for 15-18 minutes at 330°F-350°F until golden brown and crispy.

* After mixing dough can be retarded until cold or overnight.

* Try this recipe with one of our Tastalito flavors.

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